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I don’t remember if I bought my Mountain Bluet just because I loved its distinctive look or if I also liked the fact that it was a self-seeder; either way, I started with one and now I have four, not all laid out in a clump, but parsed here and there which is fine. I like surprises from the plant world as long as they are manageable, I should say.

This perennial has been with me for at least five years now if not longer. I worry that it may be getting choked by the Vinca, I am going to have to rein the Vinca somehow, it is way too happy in this spot. I have forgotten this plant’s name, next week when I go perennial shopping, I will be on the lookout for another one because I simply love its delicate petals and the color is too precious.

This is the first bloom from the newest batch of rhododendron that I bought two years ago, they are tiny rhodies and to see one of them produce a blossom is very exciting, I had forgotten the color, thank goodness I love purple. Do you see all of the tiny wild strawberries all around the rhododendron? I have an explosion of wild strawberry plants all along the side of the fence next to the pool, the birds are going to have a feast when they ripen.

I think that these are called starbursts, if I remember correctly I got these bulbs from one of my niece’s fundraising drives a few years back. I remember planting them, just not when exactly. It is extraordinary how memories get so fuzzy over time, but every now and again I can get a flash that is so clear and sharp, it feels as if it had happened just yesterday. Memories are weird that way.

Finally my last remaining Jack in the Pulpit; I had dozens of them just three years ago, not just black ones, but white ones as well and this is the only surviving one. I think that our new winters have done them in, just like so many of my hostas, it is sad. I hope that this one hangs on, I love its unique look.

So far things are progressing slowly in the garden which is fine by me, I am not in any hurry.