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This is a taste of what June will look like for parts of my garden. The Rhododendron offered its first bloom and so has the Iris, it is a study in violet so far. Since the weather has been exceptionally wonderful, at least for me, mid sixties with even cooler nights, the Lilacs have had a longer staying power which is a real treat. I still walk up to them and bury my nose in their tiny petals, inhale and linger with their lovely scent all around me.

I have been busy planting a few herbs that we purchased yesterday after the movie; rosemary, dill, thyme, oregano and mint. I made major dents with my pruning shears on the quince bushes in the back and a few other bushes that I don’t know their names but I know that they need to be kept in check because otherwise they grow way out of control. Lastly I am weeding all around the pool to tidy it up because it always looks nicer when it is groomed.

I am getting tired, but it is a good tired, the kind that gives you a great night’s sleep.