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Today I spent the day with my mother, we went out to lunch to celebrate her birthday early. We even splurged and had dessert, two of them! We shared a coffee flan topped with a creme chantilly, I am not a fan of coffee in desserts, but this was delicious, creamy with an intense coffee flavor, which I really enjoyed, the whipped cream was icing on the cake if you will. The other dessert was simply decadence with a capital D, it was a banana tarte tatin with a salted caramel sauce, walnut nougatine and cinnamon ice cream, it was so sinfully wonderful, the cinnamon ice cream was the key to the success of this dessert, its cold and cinnamon bite cut through the inherent sweetness of the caramel, it was to die for, I have to confess.

So after all of this sweetness, what did we do? We went walking for hours and hours, we both enjoyed the walk, it took us right to the Hudson River and the Intrepid.




There is something so magnificent about the Intrepid and today with the grey skies, I felt that my pictures reflect the somber and contemplative feel of their subject. I can’t help but feel how apropos it is that the Intrepid had been converted into a museum instead of being consigned to a scrapyard or sunk down into the deep, lost to us forever. I believe that history is one of our most valuable possessions and the famous saying “those who don’t know their history are destined to repeat it” should be heeded and exercised if only for our own good.

The skyline was an interesting mixture of blue, white and grey which made for great pictures. My feet are tired, so are my mother’s, we are both resting our feet up in the air as I type. According to my mother’s fitness app, we walked 16,000 steps or about 6.2 miles, I would say that our desserts hae been walked off, wouldn’t you?