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Today we opened the pool, not because it is hot enough, but if you wait too long you run the risk of getting algae, fungus or worse, mold. The water is clear, it may not look as blue as it normally does, but that is due to the silt and dirt from the winter that is resting on the pool floor. As soon as I am done with the chemical additons, not for the water itself or even for us, the swimmers, these chemicals make the water less harsh as it passes through the pipes believe it or not. The chemicals of which I speak are the calcium hardners, PH increasers and the Alkalinity increasers as well as the chlorine. The chlorine is the only thing that is really needed for us to swim without worrying about bacteria, algae or fungus. As soon as I am done with my chemistry experience then I will vacuum all of the winter’s debris from the bottom of the pool and all will look pristine and inviting, ready for anyone who wants an escape from the heat.