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Of all the things that I did today,  water the back yard and all of the little garden areas, prepare and cook a bunch of asparagus, made the dill sour cream sauce for the salmon which my husband will cook later on, sauteed the brocoli with garlic, what made me so very happy was the new shoot that I discovered proving that my clematis had survived. I had thought it lost to me because last year, bunnies or something that loves greenery, kept eating it before it could grow full size and then with the horrible winter, I was convinced that my clematis was lost to me. Seeing it all young and new was very exciting, I am going to see if I can find a small piece of chicken wire to shield it from future ravagers, keep it safe so that I can have some beautiful blossoms this year.

Another plant that came back despite all odds is my sage plant.

Another plant that I thought was lost, but instead came back reigniting my awe in power of life, is my balloon plant.

I suppose the reason I am flabbergasted by these small miracles of survival is due to the fact that many of my hostas aren’t doing very well and I was always under the assumption that hostas were as hardy as they come. This changing weather pattern is changing my garden dynamic which is fine, I simply need to be flexible with the changes.