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I am so proud of myself, I was going to blow off the whole transplant and weed project today and put it off until tomorrow, but I went ahead and did it today. It actually wasn’t so hard, all I needed to do was go outside and get started and then I fell into the easy rhythm of working with the earth. It is so calming, between the buzzing of the bees, the chirping of the birds, the scent of lilac and other plant scents wafting through the air, working my fingers through the cool dirt, I spent hours in the back.

The transplant part of the day was easy, it was the weeding that took the most time and that was because I was fighting with my usual bane, the invasive Bishop’s weed. At some point in the afternoon, I was thinking “look at me being prideful, thinking that I could even assert a modicum of control over Mother Nature” it is a losing battle, but I kept at it because if I let the Bishop’s weed go, it would eventually overtake and choke the life out of the rest of my plants and I don’t want that so I get plowing forward.


I am going to leave these holes as is because as soon June 1 comes I am going to fill these holes with something perennial, hardy, self-seeding and beauttiful.  I don’t know what colors, but hopefully  something bright and colorful.

The honeysuckle is all set to bloom, the garden may smell lovely now, however just wait until the buds burst open, their scent is so sweet, it is like candy. I’ll be standing near the flowers inhaling their sweet scent in just a day or two, mark my words.