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What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?

My first chore assigned to me by my mother was drying the dishes at the tender young age of 6 and I received a quarter a week. I then graduated to washing and drying the dishes, ironing followed and later vacuuming. My sister eventually inherited the dishes and then she gained dusting, but I held onto the ironing and vacuuming along with the grocery shopping. I can honestly say that I never minded doing the ironing or the vacuuming while I was living at my parent’s house.

Fast forward many years and I now dislike all aspects of housework because it never stays neat or clean for long and it is such a repetitive process with little to no internal satisfaction because you just know that it won’t last at all. But if I were to pick just one chore it would have to be dusting. I despise dusting, I have allergies, nothing ever stays dustfree and dust is just everywhere, just when you think that you got it all, you turn around, there it is,laughing at you “you can’t get rid of me! Why you ask because I am you, all of the dead skin cells, so that is why I am your nightmare, you are dusting all of your dead skin, a little macabre n’est pas?”  

I hate dusting.