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What a difference 24 hours makes in the life of a plant, a bush or a tree. Yesterday there was nothing and today my one and only forsythia is ablaze in a flurry of yellow.  The cycle of life  makes me smile, gives me hope and allows me to bask in the wonder of nature.

Our daughter is back home again!!! We babysat Lulu and I confess we were very happy to hand back over the reins; Lulu is a bed hogger! Actually I am only teasing because sharing our bed with Lulu was the only hard thing about watching her, everything else was business as usual, the feeding and the walking, we do for Jack so of course we do for Lulu.

The thing now with Lulu is that her self-confidence is through the roof; when she first got here, she was so timid about everything. Now she flies out of the back door, off the stairs like a gazelle and she runs around the back full gallop, helping Jack guard our territory. She walks Jack and me like a power dog; straining against the harness, lifting her nose to the air, constantly on the alert for squirrel, bird or critter. I wonder what she would do if a serious animal were in the environs, I take that back, I don’t want to know.