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It is always great to come home and be greeted by these two. I know that I am crazy indulgent about sharing video and pictures of our dogs; I hate to think what I would have been like when our kids were toddlers. Our son was very easy to babysit and he spent hours playing with his legos, his toy cars and drawing with his crayons. Our daughter was very high spirited, curious about everything and never minded wandering off on her own. Both would have been front and center at some point on my blog; a creative block for our son and a highjinks block for our daughter.

Jack and Lulu, just like our kids, are different in their ways, Lulu prefers to stay near us and doesn’t need to spend long minutes chasing down potential critters whereas Jack adores poking his nose into every small hole trying to catch his prey. Lulu likes to stay next to the fence visiting with our next door neighbor’s two female dogs, while Jack keeps his ears open for possible intruders. He may be small but he is the house watchdog. lol