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Today I was in New York and my mother and I took the subway to walk around Battery Park City to explore a new French eatery and market place called Le District located at Brookfield Place. New York in Spring is glorious, all of the trees are in full bloom, the tulips are everywhere and people were taking advantage of the gorgeous day everywhere.

It got up to 77 degrees, it was wonderful! 

It took us a while to find Le District, but we did find it and the market aspect was nice but I was expecting a little more variety. We didn’t eat at the restaurant so we have a reason to go back some time in the near future.

We did go upstairs to investigative the other food venue, I think that it was called Hudson Street something or other,  it was a variety of food stalls, one that intrigued us was the Skinny Pizza one. They had paper thin crispy pizza served with an assortment of toppings and everything was organic and the dough was whole wheat, very tempting. We decided that we would take a nice leisurely walk and come back to taste the pizza. I was not disappointed with the pizza, one slice was particularly tasty, it has arugula salad and tomatoes in a vinaigrette with fresh mozzarella over the crispy pizza crust, it was really good. The other slice that we tasted was a mushroom and cheese, which was pretty good, not as tasty as the aruglua one, but still it was good.

It was a really nice treat walking around New York City with my mother, according to my mother’s step app on her iPhone we took 15,600 steps, that translates to 5 miles, it didn’t feel like it because we had so many beautiful things to look at while we were walking.

I had a great time.