In celebration of Earth Day, I wanted to photograph the promise of nature’s renewal. I have to confess that taking these pictures was quite the challenge; between the gusts of wind, my essential tremors and forgetting my reading glasses, I am shocked that aside from the slight blur of the budding lilac, the pictures came out crystal clear. LOL

I wish that Earth Day was as important to most people as Christmas is because perhaps we wouldn’t have as many worries over the future as we do now given what has been happening over the past four decades. We only have the one planet to live on, you would think that we would take care of it slightly better.

It is exciting to see my Lamb’s Ear waking up, my Lilac budding, my Vinca Majora and my Bleeding Heart emerging, all ready to unfurl their flowers and leaves.  I also included my upright Phlox, they won’t be ready to bloom until mid summer, but they like to peek out of the ground as early as possible.

I hope that everyone takes a moment and enjoys their Earth Day, walking down the street, taking a drink of water, taking the time to bask in the sun and breathing in that spring time air. All that is possible because of our Earth, we desperately need to remember and appreciate it.