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I’m not sure if Bluebells is the correct name for the plant with the pretty pink and blue flowers, my mother-in-law called them Bluebells and it stuck in my head; I always deferred to her in gardening matters. The purple crocus like flowers, I thought, looked striking rising up amongst the dead leaves, I had to take a picture, I’ll clean the leaves away later.

I was excited to see the chives once again, I missed them a lot during the winter. I hadn’t realized just how often I used them until they were gone. Now all I have to do is pop out in the back with a pair of scissors, snip, snip and presto I have either a garnish or an ingredient. The flowers are pretty as well, a light purple ball a top a delicate green stem, I wouldn’t necessarily add them to a bouquet, I like them swaying in the summer breeze out back.



Everything else, for the most part in the back, is still slumbering; everything except for the bane of my existence, the bamboo. I captured the tiny red heads of the bamboo shoot peeking up through the soil, if I can’t count on anything  else, I can surely count on them coming up year, after year, expanding their territory, just to thwart me. At least it gives me something to do and keeps me on my toes with maintenance.



It’s extraordinary to me even after all these years, how dramatically different the back yard looks in April from the way it looks during the month of June. The rejuvenating powers of Mother Nature are indeed incredible. Even if I did nothing, the lilies we see in the pictures are coming back, my forsythia is still dormant, but give it a few weeks and those yellow blossoms will be photographed for everyone to see, trust me on that.

My curiosity will be getting the better of me as time passes because I am dying to see what survived and what didn’t; there is the lavender, the newest azaleas (they don’t look too hot right now) and the dianthus, so I may get frustrated every now and again in the next two weeks, just because Blandford lags behind everybody else.

Patience is a virtue and a necessity for gardeners, I must remember that.