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Lulu spent the day yesterday at the Blandford Animal Hospital getting spayed, something that we were all on board doing because it is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner. The staff according to our daughter was so very impressed at how healthy Lulu looked, compared to how they had seen her when she had been first rescued at the beginning of this year.

Our daughter told us about Lulu’s change in demeanor entering the  Animal Hospital as opposed to her attitude when our daughter picked her up later that day. Lulu is an extremely friendly dog and when she arrived at the hospital she was excited to see everyone; when she was picked up, our daughter told us that she was a completely different dog, the look on her face was a little accusatory “Mommy what did you let them do?” She got over it very quickly once she got home and Jack welcomed her with open arms and a good sniffover to make sure that she was  still in one piece.

She had no ill side effects after the procedure and she joins our group of dogs who have all shrugged off their birth control procedures as if nothing had deen done to them. We have been extraordinarily lucky with all of our dogs and I count our blessings with each of them everyday.