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When we arrived at my mother’s, I was surprised at how many daffodils were in bloom and there are a few tulips poised to bloom later on as well. My surprise comes from the fact that last year, my mother hired a professional to landscape her front garden, he did a beautiful job, but part of the original concept was that there would no longer be spring time bulbs, it was supposed to be an orderly and manicured garden with the blooms appearing later on during the summer months.



As you can see from these pictures from last year, he did a gorgeous job, my only criticism was that he had not taken the time to go through the soil and weed through everything that was undesirable; simply turning the dirt over doesn’t really change the composition of the garden, the shoots won’t go away, they will simply sprout somewhere else in the form of SURPRISE!. As the sage idiom goes “nature always finds a way”