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My Yucca has once again suffered from the winter hibernational needs of the locals; I’m not sure who, it could be the bunny, the wood chuck or something else, this year I am not upset by it in the least. The first time it happened I was quite put out, but once I saw that Yucca had come back stronger than before, I quickly got over my frustration. I am leaning towards a wood chuck because the damage done is pretty big, the suspect got some substantial relief from the elements and got a lot of nutritional value to boot.



As I continued with the side garden cleanup, I was happy to see that two of the baby rose bush shoots that I had transplanted last year survived the harsh winter. I was so doubtful of their survival because they were so tiny when I had transplanted them and by the time winter had rolled around, they hadn’t gotten much bigger; to see them with their tiny red buds signaling life, put a big smile on my face.


Now that I have finished one garden cleanup, I feel so much better, more hopeful and lighter in spirit; there is just something about seeing renewed life that makes everything better.