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One of the most important things to do in spring is to air out the garden beds and today was the first day. Traditionally we have our local guy and friend Tracy start us off every year with leaf blowing, raking and cutting down anything that didn’t fare well during the winter. This morning when Tracy came equipped with serious tools and his minions, our daughter asked me if I was jealous, at first I thought that she meant if I was jealous that they were tackling the heavy lifting instead of me doing it on my own, the way I used to years ago, but she quickly specified the question to; if I was jealous that Tracy had minions and I didn’t, that was funny, very funny and no I am not jealous, I am thankful that Tracy’s minions worked very quickly and very diligently all day in the back. There was a lot to clear out and away.









Today was really about taking down two trees that didn’t survive the winter very well and the straggly tall bushes behind the outside jacuzzi room, the leaf removal is still a work in progress and that kind of work is more my speed.  I have to say having the backyard opened up this way has my brain on creative overload with all of the possibilities that have suddenly emerged. Light is a key factor to any gardener and now my light situation has dramatically changed; it’s going to be exciting,  not that I have to do anything right away, I should live with it for a bit before doing anything, but still, it is exciting!