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Today is the first day that I made the annual tour of my gardens, too early for anything except crocuses and snowdrops, these snowdrops are the only ones I have, but I think that they are precious. The other sprouts, I forget their names, but they are cousins to the crocus, they should bloom in the next week or so if the weather continues to hold in this pattern. I went over to my mother-in-law’s house and her crocuses were up, they were in a cluster of five, delicate in their tinyness just like my snowdrops. I think that it is just amazing that something so delicate can withstand the brutal freezing shocks that we had this past winter.

It’s only April and intellectually I know that it is way too soon to see anything happen, either in the front or the back, but still with the gorgeous day outside today, it’s hard not to wish for something to show its lovely green bud.

What needs to happen during the next several weeks is the annual spring cleanup, raking and uncovering the beds, giving everything lying below the ground some much needed air and access to sunlight. The carpet of dead leaves, which provided much needed insolation and protection, has done its job and its time for the leaves to be removed. It’s a big job but someone has to do it; that’s my cue to get busy.