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I spent the day playing catchup with the housecleaning; the laundry, cleaning the toilets and the sinks, dusting and in between walking the dogs several times, making broccoli soup and roasting chickens and potatoes.

I am pooped, so pooped that when my ever not trusty vacuum died as it always does, I said “well if you’re calling it quits, then I am too” I can vacuum the rest of the house tomorrow.

The kitchen and the rest of the house smell really good, a combination of savory, slight caramelization of potatoes and hearty broccoli, it smells like a smorgasbord that keeps on giving.

I think that part of the reason that I love cooking and baking so much is that both give results that don’t go away immediately without any appreciation like housecleaning does, no one ever says “boy are you the best toilet bowl cleaner ever” no; instead everyone just treats the toilet bowl like a toilet bowl and you have to clean it, ick, same goes with vacuuming, dusting and etc, etc.