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This Easter is a nice quiet one, our daughter is working today getting time and a half, so it only us, our son and the dogs. Since we have all been very busy, my husband and I driving here and there and everywhere and our kids working, the menu was decided very quickly and easily, by my husband I think, Eggs Benedict for the meal and chocolate for dessert.



My husband is the king of the Eggs Bendict and I don’t say this lightly. Our son would probably name Eggs Benedict is one of his most favorite foods and he has eaten them at the best restaurants and hotels and he says that his Papa’s are the best that he has ever eaten. I agree with my son because not only were they divine today, my husband has made them this way consistently for years now. There is something about the combination of the hot thick egg yolks, the zesty thick almost custard like Hollandaise sauce, the savory Canadian bacon and the nice chewiness of the English muffin that makes the taste buds sing in pleasure.

I have to say that watching my husband put the Eggs Bendict together for myself, our son and himself, is akin to watching a master at work because every movement is precise and efficient. I have made Eggs Benedict in the past and it can go south quite easily; between overcooking the eggs, curdling the Hollandaise Sauce or even burning the Candian bacon, anything can happen. My husband makes it look so easy and that is what makes him the master.

Now I will wait for my stomach to do its job and then I think that I will have some chocolates.

Happy Easter!