Yesterday while I was getting my hair colored; specifically the minute that Leslie took me over to wash the coloring agent out of my hair, working the shampoo into my hair and spending several minutes massaging my scalp, I had an epiphany; if everyone in the world had access to a weekly head massage via an aromatheraputic shampoo, the world would be a much better place. It never fails, whenever my head is being shampooed by someone else, I get a serious case of goosebumps, the good kind, not the kind that come when you’re scared or cold, the other kind. “If someone can’t do something, it’s okay, I feel good right now, I can’t feel stress, angst, all I feel is relaxed, mellow, so good, I could stay here forever.” That is how I feel every single time I get my hair shampooed at the salon, so imagine if everyone who is unhappy had access to that, how much better they would feel for at least a little while; we should make it mandatory, a public service for everyone. Our society nationally and globally would thank us. I realize that making it happen would be a huge challenge, but in the long run it would be such an incredible gift, a simple gesture that everyone’s well-being was important. We see programs that revolve around getting low income women a step up by in life by helping them become prepared for job interviews with clothes, make up and interview practice sessions so why not extend this concept to head massages as well?

This may be silly but reaching out and alleviating stress on a wide scale would do us all a tremendous favor. Just think of all those people that you have encountered who were short, bitter or anxious, think of what a five minute head massage would do to turn their frown upside down. It is just a thought.