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We are here in New York and it is absolutely glorious outside, 62 degrees with blue skies and a gorgeous sun. This morning I put on my new shoes that my husband gifted to me for our last wedding anniversary with unrestrained glee. I can’t help it, my feet have been encased in my trusty Merril’s for far too long, I would never complain about my Merril’s, they keep my feet warm, dry and they keep me safe with their rugged soles, but they aren’t the prettiest of shoes. When I looked at the weather for today, my heart and my vanity leapt with anticipation at the thought of walking in New York with my newest loafers. 



When I decided to take pictures of my shoes, I didn’t want to it to be the typical shoe picture, shoes on the ground. The blue sky was way too pretty to be ignored and it was the most important part of the decision to take my lovely shoes for a stroll outside, so the sky needed to be included in the picture.

My next thought after taking the picture was how incrediably quaint all of the telephone wires and electrical poles appeared. This is a relatively new impression that I have and it is thanks to my cousin Francoise and our friends Claudine, Marc and Alain, who couldn’t help but point out that the above ground configuration of our electrical and phone services seem to be a shout out to the fifties, which is weird considering how wealthy the United States is compared to the rest of the world. I was reminded of this once more by a lovely French food stylist/WordPress blogger, Coco Jobard, while she was visiting Los Angeles a few weeks ago, she posted the most incredible pictures of gardens, architecture and local cuisine. Since so many of her pictures were outside, she couldn’t escape the wires from intruding into her pictures and she mentioned several times in her posts of her amazement at how quaint the telephone and electric poles were, her words not mine.

I was trying to figure out where to place my feet in order to take a shot without the wires and try as I might, without calling too much attention to myself, there wasn’t single shot to be had that didn’t have at least one wire; at least in front of my mother’s house. I suppose that I could have walked to the park and laid down in the middle of the meadow with my feet straight up in the air, but that seemed a little bit over and above the call of duty.

What a spectacular day!