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Before having dogs, it had never occurred to me that pets could dream, when I was little spending time in France with my family and the family dogs; my cousins, my sister and I were more in tune with what the dogs were doing awake than when they were sleeping, so it never crossed my mind that a dog could dream.

Since having our pets Marshall the black Lab, Rex our glorious German Shepard, Tuck our one of a kind Beagle, Jack our baby and now Lulu our little lady; each and every dog has had their own unique sleeping and dreaming pattern. Tuck and Jack, perhaps by virtue of being the smallest, were and are the quietest when it comes to sleeping and dreaming; whereas Marshall and Rex, both dreamt of running and chasing things, perhaps in meadows or forests, their legs would flail as if galloping through the grass intent on catching whatever it was they were chasing. I would bet that both Marshall and Rex were chasing cats; Marshall was often teased by our neighbor Jim, he would  make kitty cat sounds and Marshall would run around searching for the source of the fake meows; it was always good for a laugh. Rex on the other hand, had a real life cat that he was obsessed with, her name was Skittles, he wanted her so badly, but thank goodness for her and for him, Skittles was always just out of reach, not that Rex didn’t try.

Lulu on the other hand takes the cake when it comes to be an active and noisy dreamer, boy can she snore!



These two videos don’t do her snoring justice; she sounds like such a human when she lets loose with her deep sleep snoring, she cracks me up.