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It is so frustrating dealing with this waiting/rejection game. Intellectually I know that everyone who is a renown author has had to deal with the same challenges, but when you are in the midst of it, it offers cold comfort. I realize that I am one amongst millions who truly, fundamentally want to be published, to share with the world what they have written, to have that moment of pride “I am a published author!” to have the feeling of validation. Knowing that still doesn’t make it easier. 

Last night while at dinner, we were talking about me perhaps getting published and I was getting the pep talk about J.K Rowlings receiving over 200 rejection letters before finally getting signed and that does keep me going. My newest gripe is with the 50 or so literary agents who have yet to answer back in any form. What is that all about? It has been only 3 months, but still it isn’t as if I had sent the entire book, just a cover letter and twenty odd pages of text, how long does it take to read that?

I hate waiting, but on the other hand in the waiting there still resides hope. Answers are definitive, the waiting game allows me to fantasize about a hard cover book with my name in bold letters, my first televison appearance on the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, my second appearance on “Good Morning America” and my third appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael”. Fantasies are fun.