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At 6:10, 21 years ago, our daughter was  born. We are so proud of her  and today we are spending the entire day together, all four of us plus of course Jack and Lulu. We just came back from having lunch at her favorite  place in Westfield “”Wings”  where she had her first beer as aan adult of legal drinking age. Tonight we will be having dinner at Olive Garden and then her big brother will take her out iin Northampton,, a fine college town.

We still see our little one when we look at our young lady, but when we listen to her speak about her dreams and plans, she is wise beyond her 21 years. She has strong sense of who she is and who she would like to be in the future. 21 is a very exciting time and I know  that she will make the most of it.

Look at that face, you want to squeeze those cheeks and smother them in kisses, she is so cute!