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When I had left for New York Tuesday morning, the front had still been completely covered in snow and in the course of three days, almost all of it has melted. Now the ground is very, very squishy where I walk with the dogs and in some parts, a great deal of it is water logged, beyond the descriptive squishy, the dogs don’t even walk on it, not wanting to get their paws completely submerged in cold dirty water. They are both of a somewhat dainty nature which is adorable, the way they pick their paws high up in the air when they encounter something wet, cold, or slimy, it is too precious.

I can’t remember the last time that we had so much snow melt, so I don’t really know how long our mud season will last this time. I don’t foresee us getting very warm anytime soon, so the mud that we have probably won’t dry up quickly. On the upside, I think that all of this deeply sourced moisture will be a tremendous boon to my garden and I can’t wait for green shoots to poke their little heads up, no matter what they are, I am waiting impatiently for my little  surprises.

My mother has her daffodils and tulips poking their heads up, it will only be a matter of a few weeks or so before they bloom. I am looking forward to my return trip to her house because New York in spring is truly magnificent.

I took a picture of my bougainvillea bloom because that bloom has been holding strong since the last time that I had posted its picture. I have no idea how it is still alive and fresh, it should have faded and fallen off the branch weeks ago, but it is stubbornly clinging to life and vitality, I am in awe at its staying power.