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We all came down to New York for the weekend to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and since it was the four of us, that meant that Jack and Lulu were included. Lulu followed Jack’s lead, thank goodness he has gotten over his abject fear of everything New York, because now when he walks down the street, he walks as if he owns the place, not like the scared little puppy of yesteryear. Lulu wanted to stop and say hi to every one she saw, they weren’t too thrilled to be jumped on and licked by a strange pit bull, but she didn’t get offended in the least by their aloofness. Jack showed Lulu how to chase the squrrels and the New York pigeons.

Jack was so excited to show off this brand new turf to his bff, it was adorable the way they sniffed the same things, walked nose and nose to the ground, I heard a few people say “how cute”.

So the picture above is Astoria Park with the Triboro Bridge right behind us, straddling the East River, the snow that you see is fresh from last night. My son took the picture with his handy cellphone. I’m always surprised by the quality cellphone pictures often display.