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Lulu is most definitely emulating her brother in more ways than one; she follows his lead when it comes to being on the alert for people at the door, she follows his cue over who to follow for some potential morsels to be had, where he goeth she followeth, and since being on my lap is where Jack loves to be more than anything, she just has to get herself some of that.

In a perfect world, I would have tried harder to instill better habits in Jack, but I can’t complain too much, though he still has trouble respecting the sanctity of the area rugs, he uses them as his weewee pads when he’s in a pinch. I would have preferred having Jack be an excellent role model for house training a new dog, but we can’t have everything can we? I am grateful that Lulu is a loving, affectionate and patient dog. She is proving to be a great playmate for Jack and she makes the rest of us very happy as well.