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Jack is an annoying  little  playmate  at times  and we are so very lucky that Lulu has the patience that she does. I know that I have written about it before, but I am still amazed that Lulu doesn’t lose her temper when Jack tugs on her ears or pulls at her jowls because he can be relentless.

I wonder if it’s because she is a rescue and she is just so grateful that she has a home that she figures that if this is the worst of it, I can deal with that.

She does give him kisses so I know that she likes him and he licks her, so he isn’t bugging her because he doesn’t like her, to the contrary he likes her a lot. When we had Rex and Jack together, he was too old to run after Jack; Lulu is a young, strong dog and Jack is getting his money’s worth getting chased by her. I am hoping that she trims a few pounds off the little Fatty Magoo.