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Yesterday was the first day of 45 degree temperatures, today being the second and the great melt has commenced. It is crazy just how much snow that we have had this winter that two solid days of 45 degree warmth has barely made a dent in my front yard. Our little arborvitae seem to be straining towards the sun, extending their tips as high as they can, to feel the sun’s warming rays. You can see them by the front door, the one by the wall has had better luck with the snowdrifts and it has emerged at greater speed from its winter slumber.

I took the dogs out for a long walk, a mile around Kaolin Road, for the first time since we have been buried under several feet of snow; poor Jack, he was pooped. Lulu was curious about the new path, we have been walking near the school and its perimeters, but that isn’t much of a proper walk and she needs longer walks to get properly exercised. At first I was worried about walking them together, I was so used to walking Rex and Jack and before that, Rex and Tuck but Rex was the easiest dog to walk, he never pulled and he listened immediately. Lulu is brand new, but she is fairly easy to squire around, she heeds when I tell her and walking them makes me feel as if I was steering two horses in front of me, pulling one from the left to keep him in line, and doing the same on the right.

As the defrost button continues to be switched on, things are going to be messy, squishy and swampy. As much as I love the warmer weather, I am not looking forward to a very muddy season in store for us.