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My daughter called me to ask about the hot water situation in the upstairs bathroom and I told her that the water was a separate issue from our upstairs heating problem and taking a shower would be fine. She then explained that she was planning to give Lulu her first bath/shower and I said “oh”. LOL 

My experience with Jack is that I pick him up, put him down in the tub, take the shower head and bathe him while he stands still, pick him up, put him down and towel him off, end of story. He does run off afterwards like a loon but he doesn’t hold it against me.

We didn’t know what to expect with Lulu.

Fast forward to about an hour later and my daughter calls me to fill me in on her dog washing adventure. It started off rather poorly, Lulu was freaked out being in the tub and getting water prinkled on her inititally, but then she calmed down and let the water flow over her, get shampooed and then rinsed and toweled. She reacted fairly well until she was informed that she couldn’t lounge on the couches until she had dried off. Lulu did not appreciate being relegated to the floor; so it is not the bathing that she minds, it is the time-out until she is dried that puts her out. 

At least she smells nice now.