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Dear Laurie Nichols, 

Thank you very much for submitting “A Progressive’s Thoughts” to Dzanc Books. We have read and reviewed your submission, and unfortunately have decided that it’s not right for us at this time. Your essays provide excellent analysis and a unique look at the political climate in the United States. While we very much enjoyed reading the first chapter of your collection of political essays, we do not feel that this work is the right fit for Dzanc. We wish you the best of luck in placing your manuscript. 

Also, my apologies for the slow response time on your submission. Thanks again for sending your ms to us, and I hope you’ll consider us for future works. 

Victoria Wynn 

Dzanc Books

I have to say that this is one of the most positive rejection letters ever and I immediately took them up on their offer to consider them for future works, as you can see from what I pasted up above; I have just submitted my novel to them for consideration. I can’t believe it, but it is done. I wrote a cover letter and attached part one of The Chic Bootleger and across the ether via the Internet it went.

I am strangely calm about it, I thought that my stomach would be queasy because my novel is my literary baby, oddly I feel good about finally taking the plunge and shipping it off to be read by “professionals”.

Here goes nothing!