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Our daughter had both Jack and Lulu outside with her,she always has her phone with her so she gave me a great treat and filmed Jack warming up for the Iditarod sled race. Isn’t he adorable!?

I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to get this video from my message center on my iPhone to my WordPress site. My iPhone couldn’t handle the size of the video to send elsewhere such as my video library or even youtube. So I sent it to myself at Google and I had it in my Google Drive, I thought home run!It turned out to be a dud because WordPress wouldn’t accept 3pg, .mov, or even mp4. I was getting frustrated, but I learned a bit about video conversion and other things so that was good. But no matter the frustration, I was bound and determined to share this video with you so I kept at it. I did figure out how to share the video via a copyable link but I didn’t want that, I wanted at the very least to get the video accessible via youtube.

In between all of this, I was roasting two chickens and potatoes Anna for dinner. Hooray for me, I didn’t burn anything, my husband kept me on track with the food. LOL. When I got back to my Chrome book after a round of basting, a light bulb went off in my head, why don’t I go to youtube to see if I can upload the video and then get it onto my blog. So here we are, I was able to do just that and you have the adorable video of our Jack to watch. I hope that I remember everything that I did for future reference; I am keeping my fingers crossed for that. LOL