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“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one

There are so many issues that are happening on a global scale that impact us locally; gas prices, austerity measures, plastic pollution of our oceans, climate change and Monsanto. All of these issues are making their impact felt world-wide and there a great deal of options available to us all, to make a difference in our daily life. What we need to remember is that even if the problem is a world-wide problem, one person can make a difference because if each person made a change in their own daily routine, those differences would exponentially develop into a world wide solution. We need to remember that we are never alone, if one does something, that doesn’t mean that they are acting alone and if enough people act unilaterally but at the same time collectively, great deeds can be achieved.

Imagine if we all did something about the plastic quagmire of trash that is threatening the health of our oceans? Imagine if despite the fact that gas prices are lower now than in the past, we moved ahead with alternative fuel sources and mass transportation? Imagine if we voted out austerity measures and voted in progressive economic policies? Imagine if we each took care of our communities in ways that took care of the environment and each other and as each community prospered, so would the regions and so would the entire nation and each nation would be doing better and all of this chain reaction had started from each person doing their part. 

Monsanto is another example of what we can do individually to mitigate Monsanto’s influence on a global scale. Europe already has many regulations in place to keep Monsanto’s genetically modified food products out of their markets and India is trying very hard to kick Monsanto out of their markets as well especially in light of a marked increase in cotton farmer’s suicides after buying Monsanto GMO cotton seed; their poor economic outcomes from failed crops have devastated them and led to those suicides. We in the United States at every level; local, statewide and federal, must write our congresspeople to have them write proper regulations and legislation to keep Monsanto in check. We have the right to know what is in our food and we have the right to patent-free seeds. Farmers are fighting everywhere for their rights and this fight is important whether it is at the local level or on a global scale.

My belief is that we have as much power as we choose to exert. It is up to us and what we desire to do in all things.