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I have written on several occasions of Rex’s former chewing escapades.


They started when he was a puppy and continued until he was about a year and a half and he ate books, ottomans, shoes and chewed on chairs, piano seats and stairs. He never went after food left on counters, that was good old Marshall, our walking Black Lab. Our Lulu is mixing it up with the two behaviors; last night she went after the meat pie that was sitting on the stovetop and finished the remaining 3/4 quarters of it and today she grabbed one of our wooden spoons that was lying on the counter, being used to stir the simmering chili, as you can see it is now useless as a spoon, it is going into the fireplace as kindling.

I suppose that by saying that she is channeling Rex and Marshall, it makes it easier to not get mad, but instead fondly reminisce on the escapades of our beloved Rex and Marshall because as you might have ascertained from many of my previous posts, we really miss those two and we most definitely miss our little Tuck, the unique Beagle that we got to love for three years.

Lulu is seriously keeping us on our toes. Oh yes and Jack is there, right behind her, helping with the mischief, the little imp.