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What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?



The top picture is of Carro, France, I didn’t take it, I got it off the Internet. I have so many fond memories of this tiny town deep in the South, I just wish that I had more pictures of my cousin’s place. My sister and I spent at least 6 weeks there during each of the 3 summers back when we were growing up and it was such an idyllic time. The Mediterranean Sea was our backyard, literally right at the back of the house and we spent morning and afternoon swimming like fish, we slept like the dead from all of the water activity, we also ate like kings.

The bottom picture is of Hydra, Greece another place that I have lovely memories of, not only of the place but of the company I kept at the time of my visit. I was lucky enough to have spent my time at Hydra with my summer roommate at University of London, Cindy and our friends that we made in the dormitories, Charlene and Rita. I felt such a connection to the island, much more of a connection than what I had felt in Athens or Aegina; maybe it was the simple life that was evident everywhere; there weren’t any cars allowed on the island, everything was transported by donkey and cart, the open markets, the family run cafe and the larger restaurant also family run, the small boutiques and the very hard working people, who after hours played just as hard.

It was very nice to write about these two special places, it warmed my heart and soul to remember walking down the streets in both places, the special meals that I had shared with, either my family or friends, in the restaurants and in my cousin’s house, swimming in the Mediterranean at each place and how it was both the same sea and yet I saw different colors and had different swimming experiences. In Carro, the waves at times were so strong and in Hydra the water was calm, almost like glass.

These past few days have been tough, but with memories like these, it helps keep me optimistic and strong because winter is but a season and before we know it, the sun and warmer temperatures combined will make this winter but a distant memory.