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I am crying Uncle; we have had too many days of below 10 degrees during the day with negative numbers at nights; combined with the outlandish snow, it is getting to be an overload. The last time that I remember having this much snow, the temperatures were in the mid 30’s, and that made all of the difference; it was much more manageable to shovel and to transfer to other places so that you can make trails for the dogs and open up the driveway to see out onto Route 23. This freezing insanity is making winter much harder than it usually is, but I am taking heart that we are nearing the end of February, each day brings us closer to Spring, crocuses and snow drops.

Now this hasn’t only been tough on myself, but also Jack and Lulu. They have gone outside like troopers these past few days, but today they have both reached their limit. Jack has been hiding from me because he knows that I will put him outside; it is so funny because all of a sudden I see his adorable little face peeking out from around the couch and when he sees that I saw him, he bolts the other way out of the room. Lulu is so quiet and ever since I told the kids to feed her a combination of her food, white rice and pumpkin puree, her stomach has recovered, her gassiness is gone, her movements are solid and now we don’t have the tell that alerted us to her need to go outside, so she has been having accidents in the house, but thankfully I have been able to pick them up and flush them in the toilet. Jack knows how to use the training pads that I have put down in his spots but Lulu hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. Thank goodness for rice and pumpkin; I don’t know if I would be so easy going with a day’s worth of diarrhea.

This week is going to be another week of teens and twenties during the day with negative numbers at night. This is pushing me to my limits.

I am making butternut squash soup as I write and I made pizzas Friday and yesterday was mashed potatoes and my husband made roast beef, so we have been eating serious comfort food during this freezing spell.

A happy belly does help keep the spirits up.