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This is day two with our newest addition; Louise has become Lulu and Jack has adopted her gladly. Yesterday he was being his usual horny self, but after several admonishments of NO! he got the message and now leaves her privates alone. I am very proud of him. In the past he has been so bent on humping other big dogs, it was so embarrassing, but as of today he is being such a gentleman. Lulu is very grateful.

Our kids are being very responsible with Lulu; feeding her and taking her outside, but our daughter this morning told me that she didn’t expect it to be so time consuming, it always seems easier when someone else is doing the work.

The one thing that I didn’t expect when Lulu came to us was just how stinky she is; when she passes wind, she releases WMD’s. I was joking that we can fill grenade canisters with her methane gas and sell it to the Pentagon and make a ton of pennies. I’m sure that once she gets her routine established, finds her comfort zone and gets to a healthy weight, she will be smelly dog no longer, but wow that first whiff made me think of Phoebe and her signature song “Smelly Cat” immediately.

Other than her smelly bouts of gas, she is really an easy-going dog. Jack and Lulu are nice, quiet and affectionate. So far so good, everyone is doing pretty well in this new dynamic. I feel optimistic.