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Where are we going to put the snow once this snow storm is ended and the one on Thursday erupts around us once again? It is getting a little scary backing out of our driveway; I had to do so today and thankfully my husband was there to let me know if anyone was coming. We are going to have to figure something out. Our kids helped a bit despite the bone chilling 16 degrees outside, we worked as a team clearing the snow away from both driveways and the walkways.



Jack was very happy to supervise from the warmth of the kitchen; he had no intention of going outside. We took him outside for all of a minute and his little paw went up and he looked at me with his deep brown eyes “take me in Maman, it isn’t weather fit for man or beast!”

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be sitting in the living room with a roaring fire warming us up from the toes to the fingers. It was especially brutal outside, not only from the low temperatures but the fierce wind that wouldn’t let up while we were moving snow.

Not looking forward to another round on Thursday