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Remember when I wrote about the movie Strange Magic and how my husband walked out because it so wasn’t what we had imagined it was going to be and we needed some good old fashioned science fiction and adventure. Well today we got exactly what the doctor ordered. Outer space, aliens, explanations about our origins, intergalactic travel and danger, high speed chases, great gadgets and more.

I know that the critics have complained about the plot and storyline, but I didn’t care, the visual ride was simply amazing. The dresses that they put on Mila Kunis were breathtaking as were the costumes the royal family wore out in space. Back on Earth, the aerial scenes involving Channing Tatum, Jupiter (Mila Kunis) and his gravity boots; all that I could think of was that it looked like a high speed ice dance routine played out in the Chicago sky. He, using his gravity boots as high speed skates, twirled Jupiter (Mila Kunis) around his back and the rest of his body and at one point it looked as if they were executing the Death Spiral move which is a real move for Ice Dancers; it was incredible.

I couldn’t handle gravity boots, my horrible clumsiness would guarantee me a long stay in the hospital after many mishaps with my gravity boots gone amok. At the end however we see Channing Tatum’s character be reunited with his wings, he lost them due to a dishonorable discharge from the alien military, and wings I could see myself doing. That would be AWESOME.

I kept thinking of Vincent van Gogh, my favorite painter, each time we came up close to Jupiter the planet with its gaseous outer atmosphere; it seemed filled with the thick, brush strokes which always seem full of movement in many of van Gogh’s priceless tableaux.

I loved the focus on all of the character’s eyes; Mila Kunis as Jupiter with her big dark soulful eyes, Channing Tatum as Kaine and his superior Springer with their almost canine yellowish glint to their normal eyes, it was so well done, one second at certain angles you saw the golden glint and then when they shifted their stance, it disappeared, it was cool.

There were so many issues taken up within the back story and plot line; each of them interesting, greed, entitlement, consumption, commodities,
capitalism, origins, there could be argued far too many to make for a coherent story, but I don’t care. I loved the almost two hours of escapism that I had with this movie.