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Our daughter went down to the shelter to visit with Louise and she came back home with pictures. The good news is that Louise is parasite free and will be able to come home on Tuesday. The reason why we need to wait until Tuesday is because she is under antibiotics because her sister Thelma has parasites, the kind transmittable to humans and so the Shelter people want to make sure that Louise is properly protected against exposure and that takes a few days.

I think that Louise has such a nice face and her eyes are so pretty, they seem like liquid pools of calm and trust. I hope that she understands very quickly that our home is her home and Jack is her new brother. By the way when I was looking at Louise’s picture on my iPad, Jack was looking over my arm while sniffing excitedly at her picture and his bionic tail was going wild with happiness.

We are impatiently waiting for Tuesday to come, all of us.