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I have to confess, ever since our kids went to the Animal Shelter and fell in love with Louise, i have been looking forward to her arrival.

Ordinarily she would be coming to our home tomorrow, but our daughter found out today that when Louise went in to get her shots, they put her through a whole bunch of tests with parasites being one of them and the results aren’t in yet. The Shelter won’t release her without a clean bill of health which of course I appreciate because we have Jack and we don’t want him to get anything.

So if the results come back tomorrow and they are negative, hooray she comes home. However if they come back positive then her homecoming will be delayed for quite a few days because you have to work those parasites out. I hope that there aren’t any pesky parasites.

Originally she was supposed to be spayed during the week, but the doctors decided against the procedure because she is far too underweight to undergo surgery safely so it will be upon us to get her up to a healthy weight. I know that our kids are more than equal to the task and I am sure that Jack will be more than eager to show her how to do tricks for treats. Jack doesn’t have many in his repertoire, he has sit, paw, lay down, stay and up. That’s about it, but he does them very enthusiastically, he always has his eye and nose on the prize. I trust that Louise will be in good hands with Jack.

As soon as she arrives, I will be writing about it. I am so excited!