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I fell in love with Anne RIce over twenty years ago; I can also confess to falling in love with her enfant terrible the Vampire Lestat and he is back. This isn’t a book review of any kind because I just purchased her latest creation today while my husband and I were out and about.

As we were waiting for our daughter to come out of class; I took the opportunity to dive head first into the first few chapters. Reading these few chapters felt as if I was entering a world that was so familiar, back with a beloved old friend who I want to kiss and hug while spanking him simultaneously.

I am going to finish her latest very quickly, I can feel it already, my eyes are itching to get back to the pages, to devour the story and eat up all of her descriptions of the cities that she brings to life and to delve inside Lestat’s mind, heart and soul. He will argue that he hasn’t a soul, but I beg to differ.


I can’t help but share my two blooms with everyone, they are so pretty! Lestat would be impressed by their beauty; beauty is a prime motivator in his existence; he the poor lamb is prone to great highs and great lows and the lows that strike him are so devastating that the most sublime object of pure beauty is often the only thing that provides a balm to his pain.

The power behind his character is how much you care to heal his pathos and fill his emptiness. I love Anne Rice and her world.