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In order to write the title, I had to go far back into the dusty stacks of my brain and shake off a few bins to remember the correct roman numeral designation. Hooray I remembered.

I am worried for the Patriots because they had a bad week with “Deflategate”. We never watch football except for the Superbowl and being from New England, we root for the Patriots. I hope they win.

I am surprised that they are playing in a super dome in Arizona because it isn’t cold there, but my husband explained to me that University of Arizona, like other football schools, makes so much money off their college football games that they can afford to build these grandiose super domes with air-conditioned, wifi and maximum seating.

So far I have laughed at quite a few commercials. I liked the Snickers commercial with Steve Buscemi, one of my favorite actors and I also liked the BMW commercial with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric.

Oh oh, the Patriots lost their chance for a touch down and the Sea Hawks have the ball; stress!

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope the Sea Hawks don’t score.

The cutest Budweiser commercial ever! I love puppies. Terminator is back too!

I hope the Patriots win. I know that the Half Time show is going to be good, it’s Katy Perry and I really like her.

It is a good, exciting game so far.

I hope the Patriots win.