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Today my husband and I were surprised by our two kids when they came into our room to take Jack. They had decided amongst themselves that they were going to bring Jack with them to the Animal Shelter in their search of a dog. Jack was more than happy to go off with his big brother and big sister; his tail was wagging a mile a minute.

When they came back, they were so excited, they had fallen in love with a rescue dog. Her name is Louise, she was found with another female who was called Thelma, hence Louise, she is about 10 or 11 months old, she is a pit bull mix, quite undernourished and a gentle, loving soul. This is what our two were telling us, each one telling us one bit and the other filling in the rest and according to our two, Jack really liked her a lot. He was very friendly from the start and she also responded very well to him.

So the only thing left to do was for us to meet Louise as well. Our daughter filled out the paperwork that they gave her and then we three went back down to Westfield to meet Louise for the final approval.

Her eyes drew both of us in; her look was so soulful, deep with a need for love and such gentleness, it broke my heart. She is so quiet and calm, my immediate reaction was to feel maternal and want to keep her safe and to fatten her up, her ribs stick out so much, the poor thing.

So as it stands, Louise’s adoption is pending and come Monday the nice lady will call our daughter to let her know when the spade and chip procedures will be done; once that is done Louise will be ready to come to her new home.

When our two kids have a goal in mind, they move quickly in tandem. I would say that they make a formidable pair, my two.