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My husband and I really needed a good fantasy movie today; something in the vein of Willow or Princess Bride, so when my husband was looking at Cinemark’s website, he said “George Lucas’s new movie is out why don’t we see what George’s imagination has in store for us”. Wonderful, we sat in the dark waiting to be taken for a new journey into the fantasy realm that George weaves so well. The previews were entertaining, now of course they were geared for G and PG audiences, but I laughed out loud at the previews for the Minions movie and also for this animated movie about parents and their child, but the real action was playing out in the cast of characters that worked in the control room of each of their minds; the idea was quirky and different and at the end of the preview you see a huge title “It Is An Emotional Movie”, pretty cool.

So after these good nuggets of feel good, I was more than ready to enter George’s fantasy land, but instead of a realm that had nuance, depth and a strong back story, we got a solid half hour of fairies flying around a beautiful meadow singing pop love songs, an evil cricket who wants to banish love from the entire realm, a cheating prince, a wishy washy king and a princess who won’t stop singing sad heart broken love songs. It was too much to bear, even if the movie was geared for tween girls, it had to be better than that. I was a tween once and I would have walked out. Oh yes we walked out after 40 minutes; we couldn’t take anymore of, as I put it, Grease 2 set to bubble pop music in cartoon form.

George what happened? I was so disappointed, if the Minions movie would have been playing at the same time, I would have run inside to get my smile back. I love those minions, they are awesome and I want one!

You know me, I never do not like a movie. I actually could not sit and watch this. When we got home I made breaded chicken cutlets with lemon, mashed potatoes and sautéed corn; that made me feel better and then I sat through 3 episodes of Cougar Town and then 2 episodes of Parks and Recreations, I feel better. My husband and I just needed a flight of fancy, not teenage singing lovey dovey songs in cartoon. The coming attractions of Strange Magic was a bait and switch because we were sold a movie without love songs, an action adventure set in a fantasy realm, good versus evil, not sappy love songs every two minutes.