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Predictions are a tricky business and I feel almost sorry for the weather people who called this storm system a historic event and are now being laughed at for being hysterical worry warts. I am very happy to not have to shovel my way down another driveway because I had already done my fill on Saturday. The only blizzardy thing that did happen to us occurred late last night when the winds blew in one of the windows in the downstairs library and my husband woke up to find an inch of snow on the floor; actually thank goodness that we didn’t get the two feet that they were predicting because quite a bit of stuff could have gotten ruined. The only thing that needed to be done was to put the window back into place and my husband made a fire in the stove right in the library which dried up the room pretty quickly so we did assuredly luck out with this storm

Another happy note besides not having tons of snow to move is that two of my hibiscus plants are continuing to bless me with flower buds. They aren’t minding their winter sojourn in the dining room too much this year and they are making me smile today.