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Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

Already I am not following directions; my title is free association, just what the daily prompt said it was all about. I do that sometimes, not often, but it does happen when I rapidly scan, because scanning isn’t really reading and I get ahead of myself and then I don’t follow directions.

Anyway I got off track. When I think of home, the words family, safe, comfort, mine, love, refuge come to my mind. The saying that home is where the heart is may be true, but having a physical structure that keeps you warm and safe with your loved ones is a very special place indeed.

When I think of soil; I think of wealth, clean, nurturing, chemistry, nutrients, growth, worms, even the term black gold comes to mind. I love soil and I firmly believe that healthy soil means a healthy planet. When you nurture your soil, you nurture life and nature.

Rain makes me think of words such as clean, thirst, melting, cool, cold and acid rain. I remember during the 1980’s there was an outcry in environmental circles over acid rain and we don’t hear about that anymore. The reason why I think of melting when the word rain comes into my head is because rain shouldn’t dissuade me from walking, it isn’t as if I am the wicked witch of the West and I’ll melt from being rained on, so when it rains I tell myself it is only water, I won’t melt; though the thought of acid rain does cross my mind every now and then. I wonder why we don’t speak of acid rain anymore.

If I was going to rename this post and I took the first words from my word association, the title would be family wealth clean, if I arranged the words properly then it would be clean family wealth, I like it.