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What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?

The first two things that I HAVE to have within the allotted 30 minutes is nourishment and coffee, with nourishment being first on the list. I cannot have coffee on an empty stomach, if I do I will get ill and perhaps pass out, most definitely pass out if I don’t get ill first, but if I get ill then I won’t pass out; the only constant in this bad equation is me getting ill.

Coffee is the second must have because without it, I won’t feel right for the entire day and most likely would come down with a horrendous headache from the caffeine withdrawal. I do love my morning coffee, a pot is about the size of it for me, the rest of my day is coffee free, so I never feel guilty about my morning consumption.



The other thing that I need to do to make my day right is spend my morning alone in quiet, reading and writing, primarily for my political blog, not doing that would also make my day feel wrong.

As you can see I am seriously a creature of habit, but I don’t see it as a bad thing because these habits make my life functional and everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and reading and writing are excellent brain exercises. So in the very least my habits are good for me.