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My husband and I were out and about and when we were driving back home, I glanced at the clock on the dash and it was 4:55 pm as we pulled into our driveway and the sky was still the prettiest shade of light blue with a gorgeous gradation of pink to deeper pink right on the horizon framed with the mountains in the backdrop; it was such a shot in the arm to see that daylight was lasting longer.

The pictures that I took of my rosemary plant that is residing in my bedroom were from the moment that we returned home at 5:00 pm and you can see the daylight right outside my window. You can also see that my rosemary plant has grown since the summer when I brought it in to winter it until next spring.



If you look at both pictures, you can tell that despite the cold weather, we do keep it on the cool side in the house, my rosemary plant has grown and it seems happy where it is this year, as opposed to the other years where I kept it in the dining room. The hibiscus plants and the bougainvillea don’t mind being wintered in the dining room, but for reasons that I don’t understand, the rosemary never liked it there. My bedroom apparently is where it feels the love. I am more than happy to accommodate it and my bedroom smells quite nice as a result so everyone is happy.