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I am keeping a running tally of all of the responses I receive from literary agents and publishing houses, not only to keep track of which people and companies I submitted my manuscript to, but also to keep the hope alive for myself and others when the day comes that I finally get an acceptance. I think that any victory for someone in the WordPress community is a victory for us all because it gives us that much more of an incentive to keep going despite the often negative responses we may receive. I keep telling myself that these responses are based largely on perception, market forecast and capital investment so I am determined not to take it personally. However when it comes time for me to send out my novel, which is very personal for me, I fear that my measured, calm acceptance of the nays will crumble and I will take it ever so personally. Hopefully my experience with my political material will build up the thick skin that is vital to all people who take a risk and expose themselves to critique and acceptance. I am keeping a stiff upper lip, I promise.

Dear Laurie Nichols,

Thank you for sharing “A Progressive’s Thoughts” with us. Although we appreciate having had the chance to read your work, we’ve decided against making an offer for it. We receive a much larger number of submissions than we can publish, so, unfortunately, we must often turn away even promising writing.

We wish you the best of luck finding a home for this work, and hope that you will keep us in mind for future projects.

Black Balloon Publishing